Work detail

We’ve made a start!

On these pages we’ll make a record of the work as it progresses. Up to now we’ve been concentrating on getting the building watertight, and save a few problems with gutter and gulley capacity we’re nearly there.

There is major work underway at the moment to two faces of the tower – stone replacement, cleaning, new windows, refurbished clock faces and replacement of ornamentation that has disappeared through corrosion. The whole project is costing around £0.5m and has been funded by English Heritage, the Garfield Weston Trust, National Churches Trust, and our own fundraising. The scaffolding will come down in August 2013.

Then of course there is the rest of the perimeter to do.

In parallel with this we will be running a programme of interior decorations and improvements so that everyone coming into the church can immediately see that things are happening.