Weekly notices

Eighteenth Sunday
in Ordinary Time,
Year B
1st August 2021


* All services are live streamed via the Parish website.

* For our Risk Assessment and Guidance for Worship at St Gabriel’s, please see our website.

Services this week

Services may be changed or cancelled at short notice because of H.M. Government guidance.

COVID-19: for our Risk Assessment and Guidance for coming to worship at St Gabriel’s, please see our website.

8.00 a.m.      Holy Communion (trad. language)
Lutyens House, Maitland House
10.30 a.m.   Sung Mass
Parish and Congregation
6.00 p.m.      Choral Evensong (said) and Benediction
The next Choral Evensong will be on Sunday, 29th August with the Archdeacon of London and the Rodolfus Choir under Ralph Allwood
7.30 p.m. No Mass


Mass:  18th Week in Ordinary Time, Year 1

Tuesday        9.30 a.m.    Feria
Moyle House, Melrose House

Wednesday    9.30 a.m.   St Jean Marie Vianney
Nash House

Thursday       9.30 a.m.   Feria
Peabody Avenue, Peabody Close

Friday           10.00 a.m.  Transfiguration of the Lord 

Saturday        9.30 a.m.    of Our Lady                                                           
Ripley House


 Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time,
Year B

8.00 a.m.    Holy Communion (B.C.P.)
Seldon House
10.30 a.m.  Sung Mass
Parish and Congregation
12 noon    Heaven’s Gate Mass at the Parish House
6.00 p.m.   Choral Evensong (said) and Benediction


dates for the diary

this week

Today: singing by the congregation returns.

Next Sunday:

The Parish Pray-ers fortnightly meetings will return in September.


New Guidance for our worship

We are now;

  1. i)permitted to enter church for a service without filling in a Track and Trace forms. The forms are still there for those who wish to use them, as is the Track and Trace App poster,
  2. ii)sing – though some may prefer to wear a mask while singing,

iii) not required to wear a mask though some people will wish to, or

  1. iv)socially distance, though there is an area at the back of church to your Left as you enter where people may wish to socially distance.

We have decided for now;

  1. i)to offer communion in two kinds for those who wish. Those who don’t wish are not required to receive in both kinds – the sacrament is equally valid if received in one kind only,
  2. ii)not to put water into the holy water stoups,

iii) or to invite people to exchange the sign of peace.


As with all such choices at this time, they will be kept under review in the light of H.M.G. Guidance and our own experience. For further details, please see the Risk Assessment on our website.  


Social distancing: we continue to review our distancing procedures (please see the Risk Assessment on the website).

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from the Mission
The Mission runs a weekly Home Group studying the Christian Faith – please Fr Owen know if you are interested in this.

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